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Developed and taught by Marilyn McIntyre

What Is Personalization? - By Marilyn McIntyre - Backstage Magazine

 Bringing your truest self to your work is the greatest challenge - yet offers the greatest reward as an actor. We offer three levels of Personalization, all designed to help the actor grow and develop effective methods of connecting himself/herself to whatever material comes up.

PERSONALIZATION I: The Fusion of Personal Experience and Imagination
In Personalization I, an eclectic variety of techniques is used to help the actor find what allows them to discover and bring their most personal, authentic and unique self to their work.
The fusion of personal experiences and imagination is what allows an actor to fully personalize the work. The awareness, clarity, and connectedness of the actors mind, heart and body are essential in bringing a fictional character to a complex, spontaneous and compelling life. As actors, we examine the human heart and human behavior from our personal perspectives, which always includes personal experiences and our imagination. They can’t be separated. This will lead the actor to more fully understand concepts/tools, “transference” (“substitution”), and when and how to use this tool of “transference” effectively.
PERS. I meets 5 times in 5 weeks. Class limited to 10-12 actors.

PERSONALIZATION II: Application of the Tools
From the work explored in PERSONALIZATION I; PERSONALIZATION II continues the journey for the actor to find and bring their unique selves to the work.. In a safe environment the actor will be working on structured, non-scripted exercises and improvisations including: Object Exercises “in crisis”, private moment work (solo), structured partner exercises and finally, high-stakes, long-form “yin-yang” improvisations.

The actor will continue to safely, readily and deeply access emotional life, sense memories, and to efficiently contact, trust and release their instincts and impulses through the duration of the course. All of this will be addressed and explained in class as well how all of this applies to the professional work.

Prerequisite – Personalization I
Personalization II meets 5 times in 5 weeks. Class limited to 8-10 actors.

PERSONALIZATION III: Characters in Crisis – Mastering the Monologue
This class will help prepare ythe actor for any professional situation including auditions in which the focus is on you and the material is emotionally demanding.  This is the next step in applying the tools - this time to scripted material that you'll be learning how to prepare on your own.
You are required to bring at least 3 pieces of material to class: a prepared monologue, one “in-process” and one you’re interested in working on. I will also provide suggestions and material.

Prerequisite -  Personalization I plus at least ONE of the following: Personalization II, Singing for Actors I or Alexander Technique.
Personalization III meets for 5 sessions with the final class being an Open Class Presentation to which may invite friends and colleagues. Each actor will have one coaching session outside of class.




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